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P r e c i s i o n
 f o r g i n g


quality  integrity  efficiency

    Through the efforts of ASIC, the precision of cold forging in the forging pressure reaches 0.1 mm, the aluminium forging is about 3KG, the minimum is 0.01 KG, and the steel maximum is 5KG. CNC machining accuracy reached 0.01mm。

Forging Forming

our  company has a very mature technology in forging, which enables our product quality to meet customer standards through professional knowledge and ability. We can meet all the customers' needs and create more favorable value for customers. In recent years, we have been constantly innovating, and in the future, we will continue to strengthen and create a higher level of forging. "ASIC" is the first choice for customers.

Cold/hot/warm forging

 1.  Under our control, the forging precision can reach "+/- 0.1mm"

2. The main use of "imported equipment" can improve the

    precision of the product

3. The technology of the computer's temperature control system

    can greatly reduce the production rate

4. The simulated forging process can shorten development time

    and improve efficiency

​5. From raw materials to heat treatment according to "CQI - 9"

    system to manage and provide fully process in house 

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