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    ASIC has a full set of advanced testing equipment, through the professional software tools to ensure the stability of the product output and through the German TUV company's ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949:2002 quality assurance system to ensure that provide customers with the highest quality of service.The quality control process of our company is perfect, ensure that the product index data and specifications meet customer requirements and all of them have complete records from suppliers to customers. With a rigorous and responsible working attitude, the team will provide customers with excellent products and services, and the demand for customers will continue to improve.

  • Precision testing equipment

  • Key dimensions of the production line

  • SPC statistical control

  • Critical size FQC100 % detection

  • The tests are performed according to SIP

​ASIC Posses

  1. Our company has perfect quality inspection system 

2. The raw materials, process and products are well tested and recorded

3. Product inspection will be conducted through the company's multi-party confirmation        inspection process

4. Products and related molds will be inspected and managed regularly

Certficate  of  Quality

Quality  Online  Management

X-bar control chart

CPK control chart

P chart control chart of defective rate

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