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quality  integrity  efficiency

Short Time: Plant/device plan

  1 Invest in the utilization rate of production and equipment
2. Invest in dedicated production lines to meet the needs of

    different customers
3. Continuous optimization of personnel efficiency, gradually import 

    automation to reduce costs

Medium-and long-term development plan

1.  Plan 3-5 years to make auto parts become the main operation of

    the company
2. Mainly push the  market of automative  relavant safety parts, such

    as electrinic housing and heatsink
3. Respond to the new energy demand, and keep the auto parts in

    the direction of light, low cost and high quality
4. Cooperate with high-end customers to continuously improve the

    environmental protection, employee safety and welfare policies

    and other related requirements
5. Import of industry 4.0

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